Real-time analytics to everyone

To give everyone the tools and the information needed to leverage real-time big data analytics.

Uncover the Unknown

As a pioneer in converging network analysis and data science, Clixer solutions allows organizations to fully understand their networks, from macroscopic topologies to nanoseconds worth of network traffic. Empowering your organization begins with gaining network and business intelligence through extracting historically inaccessible information that only we can provide.

Visualize Your Network

Clixer offers a data-intensive analysis not possible on any other network recording platform. Clixer proven technology will efficiently target the underlying root causes of failures in existing equipment such as network switches, firewalls, and intrusion prevention and detection systems.

Lab Automation

Increase efficiency. Lower Costs. Transform your network, dev/test, demo/PoC, and support labs into self-service private clouds.

DevOps and CI/CD

Release faster. Automate deployment of application and infrastructure environments for DevOps and CI/CD.

Network Visibility

Improve your network security and monitoring insights

Network Security

See deeper inside your network to uncover vulnerabilities

Nextgen Network Monitoring and Securtiy Evolution

  1. Real-time network traffic visibility to have your network under control
  2. Detection and diagnostics of operational and configuration issues
  3. Proactive detection of threats, botnets, DDoS and other risks undetectable by firewalls, IDS and antivirus
  4. Quick troubleshooting and ticket resolution
  5. Substantial reduction in implementation, operation and management costs
  6. Improving performance of business applications, enhancing user experience

We keep networks one step ahead of security threats

Our tools test network, software and web applications for security weaknesses. Our product lines, are on the Automated Vulnerability Detection System and also to help secure networks and applications, meet security policy requirements and comply with industry and government standards.

We accurately assess and manage vulnerabilities

Our testing solutions accurately assess and manage security weaknesses in your networks, applications, industrial systems and networked software.

We simplify network security

We help businesses and governments simplify the management of network and application security – reducing your vulnerability to attack and data loss.

We harness decades of experience to keep networks secure

We have earned a worldwide reputation as a leading force in the field of security vulnerability testing. Our solutions are essential components in the risk management programs of many governments and organizations.

Complete office IT solutions including structured cabling

Project Management: Manage implementation plan, coordinate site activities and vendors, inspections and move management services.

User Acceptance Testing: Fully coordinate with M&E and building services. Manage and witness integrated testing of all IT systems, equipment and infrastructure, O&M manuals, and post occupancy support services.

Audit & Inventory Management: Detailed audit and inventory for IT equipment, services/circuits to be migrated from existing premises to new environments.

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